Dr. Kim diagnoses and provides treatment based on his professional judgment and the endodontic standard of care and not on the cost of that care.

Depending on your type of dental insurance, typical out of pocket expenses for a patient range between 20 to 40% of our fees.  Sometimes, needed endodontic services are not covered at all. Some employers or insurance plans exclude coverage for necessary treatment as a way to reduce their costs.
Please keep in mind that obtaining insurance verification is not a guarantee of payment by the insurance company.  Insurance companies are not required to disclose how they determine annual maximums and treatment exclusions.  As a result, we will be happy to assist you by filing your insurance claim however, we require a credit card on file to do so.  In the event your insurance does not pay the estimated amount, our office will charge the uncovered portion to your credit card.  If you do not want to leave a credit card on file, payment is due in full at the time of service and the insurance check will be sent directly to the patient.

Our office staff will be happy to explain our fees and polices when you call for your appointment. 
  • We accept cash, check, Mastercard, Visa and Discover
  • Should you require monthly payments we recommend CareCredit (www.carecredit.com) - a convenient, low monthly payment plan with an interest free option.
  • For insurance patients - copayment is due at the time of service.